Importance of User Testing for Product Development

User testing is an important part of the design process when it comes to a product. Most of the time, this is a stage that gets skipped because there is no time or budget for it. But this can result in loss of money and time spent on design when this stage is not given the attention it deserves.

Usability testing will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the product or the service with actual users that will give you feedback on how to make the product more attuned to the needs of the users. User testing for digital products is in high demand as companies want to put out a product that is better than their competitors. There are companies like UX design agency Melbourne that specialise in product testing, prototyping, research etc.  This process allows you to target your audience better by getting a clear understanding of their behaviour and how they interact with your product. You can test a prototype with a new feature using a group of users and record their interaction. You can then analyse the results of the interaction to see how you can improve the product.

This gives you an opportunity to understand your user. It’s a good way of understanding what they want in a product and why this product is important to them. You can tailor the function of the product according to their needs so that they are more prone to using it. You need to see how your product is used in their daily lives and how often it is used. You need to create a database with the information you get so that you get closer and closer to what your users want. If you have an ecommerce site and you are planning to launch a new page, generally, you will test out a few versions of the page. Whichever page design performs the best will be chosen. But this is not an effective system as you don’t know why one version of the page outperformed the others. This is where you need the input of user testing. You will understand why your solution works or doesn’t work. There is no guesswork involved because the users in the test phase will do all that work for you. It gives you a starting point when you are looking for a new solution.

With user testing, you are able to target the issue right away and start resolving it. Otherwise, your development team will fix the wrong element and you will spend time and money on something that should not take priority. You will be able to understand why your user behaves in a certain way. You will be able to understand what is prioritised when they make a decision. You can also save more money as it will be more expensive to fix issues after product development has concluded. When you skip user testing, you will find out issues much later which will require reworking the solution and going back to the development phase.

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