How To Style a Pair of Jeans?

Jeans are an everyday item of clothing for most of us. Some find it comfy, versatile and something that helps to accentuate the body. Jeans of course come in a variety of styles, cuts and lengths so more often than not an average person has at least 3 pairs of jeans in their wardrobes. Since we have been wearing jeans for years, we sometimes may forget how to style it and wear it just for the ease of effort it brings. So, in case you are thinking of how to dress them right to fit the balance of chill and classy here are some ways to do so.

Wear the right proportions

There is no hard and fast rule as to how to wear jeans but there are ways that look better than others. One of those are wearing an outfit of equal proportions. If you are feeling a little lazy and opt to wear something comfy such as mom jeans, they you might like to pair it up with a crop top, short sleeved t-shirt that is slightly baggy or even a long-sleeved top.

The point is the show off the hips and waist that is made to hug your curves. Since the jeans get baggy towards the bottom it helps to show off the figure-hugging angle of the jeans. Pair this up with sneakers for a dressed down look or pumps for a funky edge. The choice is really yours.

Fold matter

In winter there is a good chance you will have to wear the jeans with boots. However, there is a way of doing so. You can either tuck your jeans into the boots or you can fold it over the ankle showing the ankle strap of the shoe. This looks classy and neat even if you are going for a just a casual outing. If you have jeans that are too long, instead of folding it inside out you can try folding the remaining in until you find the right length. This works if you are wearing jeans or heels and even sandals.

Make it look like jeans

Leggings are the best jeans in disguise. From distance you cannot even tell the difference and that is probably why it is such as liked item of clothing. The material is comfier than denims and fits in all the right places. For example, leggings with pockets in every colour are commonly worn for any type of occasion as they look dressy. 

The type of wash

Light wash and dark wash jeans are of course the most common but does it matter in terms of which you pick to wear a top with? Dark colours are usually associated with nights and darker days. But it can also feel good to sometimes switch it up by wearing light wash jeans with a light-coloured top to add some colour to your outfit. At the end of the day what you feel best in is what you should wear.

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