How to Select a Varsity Jacket?

The varsity jacket still retains its popularity to this day. This was originally used as causal wear for team sports players. So when you are in school, a varsity jacket is something that was worn by the school athletes or jocks. But there is a level of versatility to the jacket that has brought it to the realm of casual fashion. It has become a staple of streetwear.

You can find varsity jackets in the casual section of menswear. There are so many different styles and variations you can find in this jacket type. There are different types of collar shapes such as foldover collars and low profile shawl collars. You also have to consider the range of motion that the jacket allows. Jackets that have set-in sleeves are more tailored and therefore can restrict movement on some level. If you are looking for a varsity jacket that allows you a free range of motion, you can consider jackets that come with raglan shoulders.

A highlight of the varsity jacket is the knit trim waistband. There are also jackets that come with embroidery that creates a bit of interest and elevates it to a statement piece. You can also add patches to personalize the jacket. Consider the colours of the jacket as well. Darker colours give a modern sense of style to the jacket instead of being viewed as a college or school jacket.

Some other details that jackets can have are zips, buttons and snaps. You can also find a varsity jacket that has a vintage look. This is accentuated by buttons and snaps. Highlighted zips will be a nod to streetwear styles. You can have more than one jacket in this style so that you have a variety of choices. There can be modern, vintage, grunge jackets that can be styled differently. There are many companies that produce these jackets and these also have variations in how they are styled.

You can also find a great jacket in a thrift shop or vintage store. You have to be careful in selecting the quality of the varsity jacket. Jackets that are designed and made for school teams will not generally have the best materials. There are brands that produce jackets from custom materials and better silhouettes. So it is always good to browse different stores to understand what they offer and how the price range changes from all of them.

A varsity jacket is a fashion staple when it comes to pop culture. It is an outfit sported by many celebrities. The modern varsity jacket has more structure and is more flattering on the body. There are also different colour variations that they come in. The style and colour theme of the jacket can affect the overall impression given by the jacket whether it is sporty, classic, retro etc. It is usually best to go for a slim fit when you are choosing the jacket. Monochrome jackets are easy to style. You can also dress it up or down based on what you are pairing it with. Denims and trainers can dress down the jacket while tapered trousers can help you dress it up.