Better working from home practices

Despite being a relatively old principle, working from home became widely adopted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely stay long after. Working from home relies on the employee connecting to the organisation workspace remotely through the internet. Modern technology allows remote working to have almost the same functionality as working in a physical office including meetings, sharing information, using organisational resources etc. Studies conducted during this period have shown that many people prefer to work from home, and that working from home results in higher productivity among employees than working in a traditional office. Therefore, many organisations are making the transition to working from home for employees for whom physical presence at the office is not required to carry out their functions. This allows the physical office to be smaller and dedicated to those who do have to be present physically. Employees minimise their time spent on commute and have a healthier balance of work time and employers save on costs as well as enjoy increased productivity. Regardless of the adoption of working from home, it is likely that alternatives to traditional offices such as office space Carlton will become more prominent in the future. This article will describe several methods and general advice for those who work from home to stay productive.

Have definite working hours

Although the main draw of working from home is the ability to work whenever, and be more flexible with the hours, it helps to set a schedule during which you will work. This is by far one of the best ways to stay productive, and it does not mean giving up all the flexibility. The fixed working period can include regular breaks, meals etc. but ensure that a reasonable work schedule is made and that you stick to it.

Reduce Distractions

One of the main issues with working from home is that we get distracted by everything there. It helps to prepare a home office with minimal distractions to stay somewhat isolated from the home environment while you complete your work.

Take breaks

While this may seem obvious, some tend to work from home on-and-off such that there is no clear distinction between working time and not-working time. This is detrimental to both work and rest. Set clear working hours as mentioned above and set break times as well. Since the work would generally be done on a computer, it is important to use the break to walk around, go out, drink some water etc. instead of idling on the computer.

Consider your health

Working for extended hours on a computer and remaining sedentary is not healthy. Exercise often, walk around, rest your eyes and get plenty of sleep. Maintaining good posture while working and ergonomics go a long way towards physical health. Mental wellbeing is just as important and staying isolated can be detrimental to it. Working from home reduces contact with co-workers significantly but it doesn’t mean total social isolation. Your health should be your number one prio

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